Ex-Fla. Hospital Director Gets 6 Yrs For Patient Brokering

A Florida federal judge on Friday sentenced the former head of an outpatient program at a mental health hospital to six years in prison for her role in a Medicare fraud and bribery scheme that fraudulently billed the government $70 million.

Prosecutors said that the four individuals submitted false claims to Medicare through Hollywood Pavilion, a state-licensed psychiatric hospital that claimed to provide both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care. The defendants paid illegal bribes and kickbacks to patient brokers who referred Medicare patients to the hospital despite the fact that they did not qualify for psychiatric treatment, according to prosecutors.

In an indictment returned in October 2012, prosecutors said that between 2003 and August 2012, Hollywood Pavilion billed $70 million for services that were not provided, for patients that did not qualify for psychiatric services and for claims for patients who were sent to the hospital through bribes and kickbacks.

Kallen-Zury, as CEO, hid the bribes and kickbacks by falsifying documents, while Miller, the clinical director of Hollywood Pavilion’s inpatient facility, and Petrie, the head of the outpatient program, made the payments to patient brokers and oversaw the treatment of unqualified patients, according to prosecutors.

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