City Rejects Existing Use of Property as Treatment Center, Without Providing Explanation

George Jahn, owner of Sober Living Outpatient, a board member of the Delray Beach Drug Task Force, and a founding member of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences, was denied the right to continue operating his outpatient treatment business along the US 1/South Federal Highway commercial corridor on Tuesday night.

Mr. Jahn, who is one of the “founding fathers” of the regulated recovery residence movement in Florida, had previously obtained what he thought were all required approvals from the City of Delray Beach to provide services at the commercial property, including sign-off by the City for his state-required licensure.

“It wasn’t until George Jahn, of Sober Living Outpatient, requested permission to install an awning recently that city officials told him he wasn’t permitted to run a medical office out of the buildings. Jahn said he wanted to fix the discrepancy so he filed the request to change the zoning to medical offices.”

Mr. Jahn was actually approved last November by the City’s Site Plan Review and Appearance Board. But the City Commission invoked its rarely used authority to “appeal” to itself the approval.Delray denies outpatient center to operate as medical offices – Sun Sentinel

The City Commissioners summarily denied the request to change the classification, without any discussion, questions or comments from the dais or the public, and then moved onto the next item on the night’s agenda.

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Jeffrey C. Lynne is a South Florida native, representing individuals and business entities relating to licensing, accreditation, regulatory compliance, business structure, marketing, real estate, zoning and litigation pertaining to substance abuse treatment facilities and sober living residences. Mr. Lynne has been recognized across the region as a leader in progressive public dialogue about the role that substance abuse treatment has within our communities and the fundamental need and right to provide safe and affordable housing for those who are both in treatment for addiction and alcoholism as well as those who are established in their recovery.