Becoming Agents of Change in Drug Addiction Treatment – SUD Talks

I wanted to take a moment to both with everyone on our mailing list a very Happy New Year, and to share two recent articles of mine that were published in national publications about rapid change taking place within the SUD (Substance Use Disorder) treatment community and the larger American perspective on prescription drug abuse as well.

Our newsletter now reaches over 5,000 separate addresses, which speaks volumes to the demand for timely and accurate information within the field of Substance Use Disorder treatment as well as in Recovery-Oriented Support Services.

We also want to bring to your attention the incredibly exciting SUD Talks (premised on the successful TED Talks), of which we are the Visionary Sponsor. SUD Talks will take place at the Crest Theater in Delray Beach the evening of February 11, 2016. More info on SUD Talks and getting tickets for this incredible event can be found here.

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Again, wishing all a very Happy New Year. May 2016 be the best one yet.

Sober World Industry Insider

About Jeffrey Lynne

Jeffrey C. Lynne is a South Florida native, representing individuals and business entities relating to licensing, accreditation, regulatory compliance, business structure, marketing, real estate, zoning and litigation pertaining to substance abuse treatment facilities and sober living residences. Mr. Lynne has been recognized across the region as a leader in progressive public dialogue about the role that substance abuse treatment has within our communities and the fundamental need and right to provide safe and affordable housing for those who are both in treatment for addiction and alcoholism as well as those who are established in their recovery.