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Recovery Brands, Elements settle lawsuit by Seabrook House

The lawsuit filed last year by Seabrook House against Recovery Brands and Elements Behavioral Health has been dismissed. ADAW broke the news of the lawsuit, which alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition (see ADAW, Nov. 3, 2014). Seabrook House, based in New Jersey, asked for an accounting from both Recovery Brands and Ele- mentsofthemoneytheyreceivedas a result of people searching for Seabrook or Seabrook House, and for an award of damages.

The only statements made by any party were made by Recovery
Brands and Elements via separate press releases on March 10. Seabrook Housedidnotrespondtomultiple requests by email and telephone for comment. Sources speculated that given the passion of Ed Diehl, presi- dent of Seabrook House, about the case, the settlement was confidential. Jessie Beeber, attorney for Re- covery Brands, told ADAW that the settlement is not confidential. But the attorney also refused to allow Recovery Brands or Elements to re- lease it to us, although both programs said they wanted to. “Without seeing the settlement agreement, it is difficult to know the full extent of what has been re- solved,” Jeffrey Lynne, a lawyer in Florida, told ADAW in an email. “It is very common for legal matters to re- solve themselves with a confidential settlement agreement, assuming in this case, the settlement is confiden- tial. However, to the extent that there has been an amicable resolu- tion, it would be my guess, and this is simply an experienced and edu- cated guess, that both sides have merit to their arguments, but neither side has evidence of such strength so as to force the other one’s hand.”

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About Jeffrey Lynne

Jeffrey C. Lynne is a South Florida native, representing individuals and business entities relating to licensing, accreditation, regulatory compliance, business structure, marketing, real estate, zoning and litigation pertaining to substance abuse treatment facilities and sober living residences. Mr. Lynne has been recognized across the region as a leader in progressive public dialogue about the role that substance abuse treatment has within our communities and the fundamental need and right to provide safe and affordable housing for those who are both in treatment for addiction and alcoholism as well as those who are established in their recovery.